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  • Choose your meal easily and quickly, no more waiting on the phone or rushing to speak your order.
  • Your order is printed instantly in the restaurant, no more mistakes on your meal.
  • Have your order verified in a few seconds, on your browser window, along with the delivery time.
  • Pay traditionaly at your door, no credit card needed, at no extra cost!
  • Compare prices and see the Hot Deals on the always current catalogs.
  • Buy our Super Deals with great discounts!
  • Read the restaurant reviews, and see their popularity.
  • Be a part of our community, rate the restaurants, and be heard!
Download it here

Paulaner Gastronomiefurer

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Video world

Since 17.12.2012 application Video World for IOS built together with our German partner, Hexerei software, is launched.

You can find it here

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Power events

As a world leader in power technologies, ABB participates in many trade fairs, exhibitions and technical forums around the world. This app provides a dashboard and makes it easy for you to find them. It includes useful information such as event programs and location maps and also offers the possibility for you to add your own content like photos or notes. You can find application here

Akazoo chat

Akazoo Chat for iPhone is a free application for chatting (public or private) that makes the most of the iPhone’s unique features, such as shake to buzz, and double-tap to switch between discussions. For all those of us with multiple IM accounts, the application can connect to most of the big IM networks (e.g. msn, Gtalk, yahoo, ICQ, AIM, GaduGadu) to import and merge all our friend contacts.

Users can create a new Akazoo profile within the app, and chat online using Akazoo avatars, keep up with multiple conversations, receive incoming IM alerts and friend requests, block users, create chat rooms (with optional password protection), add or delete contacts, see their friend lists and find their contacts easily.

The app contains seven main areas: profile, contacts, chatrooms, status, discussions, networks and settings. “Profile” allows users to edit an existing Akazoo account or create a new one, “Contacts” displays a list of friends, “Chatrooms” displays a list of all available Akazoo rooms, “Discussions” keeps track of who they are actively chatting with, “Status” allows them to set status (e.g. visible/away). In “Networks” users can add other IM accounts and change settings for sounds, ‘buzz’ and offline contacts.

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IPad Generic Catalog Application used to make manipulation with products easier. Each product is classified in few groups (by manufacturer , by type, by location, etc.). Main achievement in  this  application is that database ofproducts can be  downloaded to  iPad  and  available  offline. Each  time application starts  ( iPad part  )  it  checks  forupdates  on server  ( server side , backend  application ). If  updates   areavailable , iPad  pull  new  version  of  database  from  server . Also, user  management  system  is implemented ( with SSOthrough windows authentication ). Technlogies: ObjectivC for iPad part (frontend) and ASP, WCF for server side (backend), SQL Lite for both parts.

EventMS Application designed to allow events manipulations (meetings, seminars etc). Application also has two parts. First is a backend admin part. Administrator can create new events, during that he can add some data about that: he can attach images, pdf’s, geographiclocations, etc. Events can be searched by all criteria. Also, usermanagement system is implemented. On front end (designed for iPad) user can subscribe to events he wants and can be informed and alerted if something new about that event is published. Also, classic event alert is available (reminder). Technologies used: Silverlight, MS SQL Server 2008, BingMaps (Silverlight SDK) for backend and ObjectivC for frontend.