Medical informations systems

In the Serbian market Diyomi soft is known for its medical business information systems. During 2005th Diyomi Soft has developed its first medical information system (MIS) for the Institute for prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of rheumatic and cardiovascular disease Niska Banja. With the experience gained through involvement in Niska Banja, we have developed and implemented a medical information systems and other health centers in Serbia, including:

  • Cardiology Clinic Nis
  • Special Hospital Merkur Vrnjci Spa
  • Special Hospital Cigota Zlatibor
  • Special hospital Sokobanja
  • Special hospital Vranjska Banja
  • Institute of Occupational Health Niš
  • Cardiology Clinic Kragujevac
  • Clinic for Dentistry and Maxillofacial Surgery Nis,
  • Institute of Public Health of Nis
  • Special hospital “Gamzigrad” Gamzigradska Spa
  • Health Center “St George” Topola
  • Polyclinic “Life impuls” Nis
  • Nutritionist ordination Ana Petrovic Belgrade
  • Pediatric ordination Dr Lozana Nis
  • Physical ordination Fizio medika Nis
  • Nutritionist ordination dr Gordana Dolic Nis

At the request of the commission for determining compliance with software technology and functional requirements and the establishment of integrated health information system, Ministry of Health has certified our medical information system.

In 2008, the age Diyomi Soft received special recognition DISKOBOLOS for medical information system implemented in the Special Hospital Gamzigrad.